CranioSacral Therapy

CranioSacral Therapy is delivered in Stirling by Sue Watson

CranioSacral therapy (CST) has its origins in cranial osteopathy, but has evolved significantly since the early days.   Today, despite its name, CranioSacral therapy (cranial = cranium/skull; sacral = bone of the pelvis), is a therapy very much about working with the whole body.  The qualified therapist will have spent at least 2 years raising their sensory awareness to the skill of ‘reading and listening’ to what is happening within and around the clients body, picking up a sense of where there is tension, changes in vitality, depletion etc.   Using the hands in a gentle but supportive way will bring about changes and release/resolve, and almost without exception the client will experience a deep sense of relaxation.  The client will be treated fully clothed usually lying, sometimes sitting.

There are be a number of ways you will find CST described – different schools have slightly different approaches; they will all describe working with the rhythms and fluids of the body, providing the right conditions and light ‘knowing’ touch to help the body find its own way to balance and health.  This is achieved through held tensions being released, balance of the autonomic nervous system and reconnecting with resources that reside in us all.  Bringing those resources to a conscious level gives the client a very practical tool to use out of the clinic, and can be the key to healing and moving forward.  At times it may feel like you are in a place of deep stillness, a place where the cells are suspended and able without any external influence to reorganise themselves as your body knows best how they need to be.  No one ‘doing’ anything, simply creating the conditions and support to do for itself.

CST can be a deeply nourishing experience and a therapy  with profound results.