Silver Massage (fully clothed gentle massage of feet and hands)

The Silver Massage is delivered by Linda Buick, our lead complementary therapist and aromatherapist.

This is a deeply relaxing and gentle massage ideal for the mature client who likes to remain fully clothed. it focusses on the hands and feet only.

Aromatherapy oils may be used to enhance the relaxation experience and address any specific health concerns.

The client will not be required to undress but should wear loose fitting clothing for comfort during the treatment.

The benefits of this therapy are :

  • addresses aches, pains or stiffness
  • boosts circulation
  • improves skin condition
  • reduces feelings of loneliness through the comfort of touch
  • can calm the mind and body of dementia sufferers
  • enhances mood
  • improves insomnia/ sleep issues
  • relieves anxiety

The treatment takes about 40 minutes.