Sue Watson. CranioSacral Therapist

Sue Watson :

I have been a Chartered Physiotherapist for over 25 years working in many settings, but for a long time specialised in musculoskeletal physiotherapy.  It was while working in this field that I became interested in neuroscience (mainly relevant to pain), body intelligence and the inseparable effects of mind, body, spirit and environment.  This directed me to explore energy medicine and to qualify with the Upledger Institute as a Craniosacral Therapist.  Specialising in Craniosacral therapy now for well over a decade and during that time my practice has evolved and informed by those who contribute to the biodynamic craniosacral approach and current thinking in neuroscience.  I continue to be surprised and excited by what can happen, even after all this time.

I believe that we all have inherent health, and at some level we can achieve comfort and wellbeing whatever challenges are presented.  In our fast pace modern lives the constant exposure to stress can impact on our health sometimes subtly, other times profoundly.   Offering the possibility of the balance to the nervous system is a fundamental effect of cranial work, and bringing awareness how balance feels is for many clients a key to change.    Experience tells me that soothing the nervous system by experiencing deep relaxation and raising awareness of one’s own resources within allows us to function and face the same challenges but from a more robust place.

In my work uses presence, touch, movement, and education to help people reconnect with and maintain wellbeing.  As a physiotherapist I am passionate about the possibilities of human movement, symmetry, stability and balance and can offer guidance and advice on exercise plans, as well as drawing on the personal experience of meditation and mindfulness to inform home practices that will support and enhance the effects of the therapy.

Therapeutic presence, I believe, is key to any successful therapy – providing a safe and nurturing space to move towards health at whatever pace is needed. I don’t find listing conditions useful as most people will experience the benefits of feeling resourced and connecting to and learning to trust the body’s inner wisdom.  However, clients with depleted systems and those who maintaining their wellbeing seem to be drawn to work with me, and I find that the combined approach particularly useful after joint surgery (hips, knees, hands etc.).

I will ask you to complete a detailed questionnaire that will be discussed at the first session.  An initial discussion  – free of charge for 15 mins- to discuss the therapy, your expectation and goals for our working together is available and preferred.

I offer a” 6 for the price of 5″ sessions to encourage a commitment to change.   I am more than happy to discuss your needs over the phone.  My number can be provided by the clinic.