Swedish Massage

Swedish Massage in Stirling

Swedish body massage can be a stimulating and invigorating treatment, which also has a soothing and relaxing effect. The treatment uses different massage and manipulation techniques of soft tissues of the body to give a positive effect to the systems of the body. The treatment aims to holistically balance the body and infuse a relief to tired muscles.

The treatment aims to therapeutically benefit:

  • Blood circulation: Increased blood circulation interacts with body systems transporting nutrients and oxygen.
  • Lymphatic circulation: The immune system relies on the lymphatic system to create a healthy environment for cells to survive and prevent infections.
  • Skin circulation: The skin is the largest of the vital organs connecting to essential nerves.
  • Skeletal system:  Increased circulation helps relieve joints, relieving nerves and blood supply around surrounding tissues to help support body alignment.
  • Nervous system: The bodily functions connect to the nervous system. The treatment aims to connect to parasympathetic part of the nervous system to restore and conserve the body’s energy.
  • Muscular tension: To help reduce tight aching muscles that may cause discomfort and to stimulate connective muscles.
  • Psychological benefits: Stress, anxiety and depression. Holistic approach to promote overall wellbeing.



Our Swedish Massage Therapists are : Linda Buick, Andrea Lagunas and Lesley McAulay