For Lydia Watt. Physiotherapist and Acupuncturist

For Lydia Watt:


” I went to Lydia Watt at One Allan Park Clinic as I suffer from extreme fatigue related to Multiple Sclerosis. (MS).

Following the first session of acupuncture I felt very calm and relaxed and  therefore booked another 2 sessions at weekly intervals . To my delight, I felt 100% better both physically and mentally. My mood lifted, my energy levels increased and I am sleeping much more soundly . I am now having ” top-up” treatments when I feel I need to be refreshed.

I would highly recommend a trial of Acupuncture for MS sufferers as an alternative to conventional medicine.  Lydia is a physiotherapist specialising in Acupuncture for MS sufferers . ” LB , October 2017.


“I came to see Lydia for acupuncture because I kept on getting pain in my shoulder and sometimes it would seize up.  She was very attentive to what the problem was and used a combination of physio and acupuncture to treat the area.  I could really feel the tension release during treatment and I have have noticed definite improvements with my shoulder as I don’t get the pain anymore.  Lydia also gave advice on exercises to do to support the treatments.  She offers an excellent holistic treatment.

Bec ”


“I had been experiencing severe lower back pain for several months during which time I visited my doctor who prescribed pain killers and anti-inflamatory tablets. I’m not someone who likes to take tablets so I was keen to try an alternative treatment.


Lydia was recommended to me by my wife as they are both friends through our children. I had an initial consultation with Lydia and explained my symptoms to her. From there she suggested a series of treatments focusing on lower back massage and acupuncture. After several sessions I began to notice a reduction in pain and an increase in mobility which was great! I continued several more sessions and can now say that the pain I was experiencing is nearly gone.
I also have a fear of needles, however Lydia put me at ease which made the treatment much more enjoyable.
Lydia is a professional in her field of expertise, she is understanding, knowledgable, caring and wants to help and make a difference. I would have no hesitation in recommending Lydia for this type of treatment.

For Mhairi McGregor. Sports and Remedial Massage Therapist

For Mhairi McGregor . Sports/ Remedial Massage Therapist 


“Although I was not in constant pain the massages have “unknotted” me and not only do I feel so much better physically, it has helped me mentally too. For months I felt so tired but unable to get a goodnight’s sleep. After the first massage I got the best nights sleep i’d had for a very long time and now feel so much better and relaxed, where I don’t feel tired and sore. Honestly I feel 10 years younger.

I know its my work that causes the muscles to tighten and this was affecting my attitude towards my work. Now I feel so much better the pleasure in doing my job has returned and (don’t tell Mhairi ), working harder and longer but enjoying it more.
Please pass on my thanks to Mhairi.
Thank you.
George Mailer
George Mailer & Sons
(Roofing Contractors) “

For Claire Spence. Kinetic Chain Release (KCR) Therapist

For KCR in Stirling

The following Testimonials have been posted on Facebook by Claire’s clients :

“Wow Claire!
Had my first KCR session today, have been a bit stiff and sore after pregnancy, finding it painful when getting out of sofa or up off floor.
Was a bit sceptical beforehand but enjoyed the session and felt my posture dramatically improved right away, had a wow moment tonight when I braced myself to get up after sitting awkwardly playing with my newborn and found I moved effortlessly with no stiffness or pain! Massive five stars and highly recommend to everyone!”  Louise


“Had another KCR treatment from Claire yesterday and I can’t believe how great I feel! I’ve been suffering from a sore back/hip/leg for sometime and found getting out of bed, standing and sitting for any length of time unbelievably painful but this morning I literally jumped up and have no pain whatsoever! I can’t thank Claire enough for her help and would highly recommend KCR!!”  Elaine


“So in the last two days I have been walking taller, not sore getting out of bed or bending down or sitting on the floor but more importantly I have been back on my trampoline, climbing up hills, going down the chute, pushing the swing (and going on myself), on the zip wire and generally running about being chased with my toddler. These were all things I would have tried to make excuses for doing recently and never really realised the extent of my sore back in my life doing simple things. I even pushed the trolley round the supermarket without any discomfort. It’s just a shame I might have to start hoovering again! So I think it’s safe to say KCR has made a remarkable difference to my life, and I just had a baby a few weeks ago!” Julia


“Excellent service and easy to talk to and answered any questions I had regards the treatment. I will be the first to admit that I was a bit skeptical at first but thought I would give it a go as massage hadn’t really helped with a sore lower back and sciatica. It’s been just under 2 weeks since Claire came to see me and the difference in my back and legs is brilliant. I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending her.”  Calum


“Claire is amazing, so lovely and welcoming and puts you at ease straight away. Treatment has been first class, and I have enjoyed two pain-free, restful sleeps since my session. I thought I was doomed to a life of aches and pains, – but KCR has really given me hope. Someone mentioned feeling 10 years younger – and I agree. Would thoroughly recommend trying this out! Thank you Claire” Sue


“Outstanding. I had never experienced this before I undertook our Boys’ Brigade World Record Attempt a week or so ago. However, it was undoubtedly one of the key factors in our success. Not only did we all manage to play football for 55 hours, but we also managed to do it with the whole team still walking the day afterwards. KCR was central to that. It cured knocks and injuries, and it helped us keep going. It was delivered with a fantastic attitude and enthusiasm, I can highly recommend Claire” Cameron


“Day 4 after my treatment and my back feels amazing. I have suffered sciatica for 14 years but now finally KCR has helped. The relief of having no instant pains is fantastic. Thank you so much”  Karen

And another:

I fell down the stairs whilst 22 weeks pregnant after 18 months of back/hip and leg pain and on to morphine,ibuprofen and paracetamol after numerous different medicines,injections into my back and physio I was at the end of my tether isolated and stuck on crutches and mentally was struggling. I felt I was letting my boys down an that was the hardest part to cope with. One treatment and WOW I noticed a difference immediately I could bend and move and pick my not so small boy up without being close to tears. I still have some pain but another treatment should do the trick. I am in utter disbelief to the difference 24 hours can make. Thank you so much Claire I can actually see me having a quality if life again and not just an existance.  Lee-Ann X

For Lesley McAulay. Sports/ Remedial and Pregnancy Massage Therapist

Pregnancy Massage and Swedish Massage in Stirling

Pregnancy Massage : Have just finished a fantastic pregnancy massage by Lesley and feel super relaxed! And the Osteopath Helen has made my 9 months so much easier after going weeks with terrible pain from my back. She sorted me out in a couple of visits. Can’t recommend enough. Use the money you’re not spending on wine and treat yourself ! Debbie Mackison ( posted on Facebook)

Swedish Massage: Had a lovely relaxing Swedish Massage by Lesley yesterday in the beautiful surroundings of One Allan Park. Highly recommended. Lynn Richmond ( posted on Facebook)


For Joanne Brown. Homeopath

Homeopathy in Stirling

Child Autism:

“A year ago my five year old son got a diagnosis of Child Autism; he spoke only a few words and had behavioural issues. I had never used homeopathy before and had no idea how it worked, I just new it existed through some of my friends, so I decided to try and find someone specialised in treating autistic kids and that is how I found Joanne. The results of the treatment were quite evident very soon after; a year on my son’s speech and behaviour have improved so much, he is calm and happy and has his own friends at nursery.” Giovanna


“Joanne gave me great support to help me through an extremely stressful period, with a number of health and other issues.  Her homeopathic knowledge and understanding helped me to gain greater insight into my health and stress issues, and how to handle them. And I would have no hesitation in contacting her again in the future for any other health problems for me or my family.” Christine, Glasgow

 Allergies and Eczema:

“Joanne helped both my son and daughter with homeopathy. My son has multiple allergies and eczema and we have seen Joanne for about 6 months now. Due to the severity of his condition, he requires a longer term approach with homeopathy. I have a lot of faith in Joanne in being able to help his symptoms and hopefully reduce if not remove the allergies and eczema forever! So far he has responded well to the remedies and we have seen an improvement. ” JA.


“Having undergone some fairly intrusive dental implant surgery, I believe that homeopathy was instrumental in easing the anxiety prior to and during treatment. I feel that it also significantly  aided and boosted the healing process, thus reducing what could have been a considerably traumatic experience.” Mr B, Stirling.


“I had not been to see a homeopath before and Joanne clearly explained how homeopathy works, the remedies prescribed and potential benefit. She is very thorough and professional in her approach and really cares about getting good results for her patients. Other members of the family have used her and been impressed with the difference that homeopathy made.” Mrs. S,  Stirling


“Joanne has now treated me several times for various things, some emotional, some physical. Every time I’ve seen a noticeable difference in my demeanor and health. She is currently treating me for hay fever whaich I’ve had for nearly 5 years, and I’m convinced she’ll have the same level of success. I’m a complete convert to homeopathy and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her services. “A. Krieger.

For Linda Buick. Massage Therapist, Dermatology Nurse, Reflexologist, Skin camouflage specialist and Hoppi ear candles.

Skin Camouflage in Stirling

“I am getting married next year and have chosen my wedding dress. Unfortunately, I suffer from a skin condition called Vitiligo which alters the normal pigmentation of the skin. I am very conscious of it, as it is very noticable, especially on my chest and arms.

I met Linda, who has knowledge of a special kind of make-up to cover the condition, which can stay in place for up to 48 hours. She managed to match my skin to a chosen camouflage cream, taught me how to apply it and I managed to obtain it on prescription from my GP.

I am now looking forward to my wedding day, as I can look ‘normal’.

Thanks to Skin Camouflage!”  Karen Paterson, Glenrothes


For Julie Haswell. Reflexologist


“I found my reflexology treatments tremendously relaxing experiences and I felt both refreshed and energised afterwards” Pauline, Stirling


“ I felt totally relaxed with Julie.  I have been having regular reflexology treatments for neck pain and insomnia.  I found reflexology with Julie to be deeply relaxing and energising as well as experiencing a significant improvement in my neck pain and sleep”  Isobel, Stirling

For One Allan Park Wellbeing Clinic

We were officially opened on 30th November 2013 by Judy Murray ; here is what she said about the Clinic and the Therapists : 

I’ve really loved seeing around this amazing clinic. It’s exactly the sort of place I will enjoy using. When you reach a certain age you need to look more closely at how you care for your body. One Allan Park offers so many options to help people better understand the importance of wellbeing . Not just the body but the mind too. If you want your body to work you need to understand  what to put into it, how to activate it through exercise and look after it. If your body works well so does your mind”  Judy Murray 

From Gareth Davies, who has given a lovely testimonial  :
Fiona – many thanks for being so helpful. You and the team have worked really hard to start the clinic, and it’s a fantastic place. I’m sure that you’ll all continue to thrive! Please feel free to use the testimonial below
 All the best – Gareth