Homeopathy: An Alternative to Antibiotics for Your Children?

Posted by Fiona Gavine on the 08th May 2014

By Joanne Brown, homeopath

Compelling evidence that homeopathy should be the first line of defence for the very young

New mums and their babies can benefit from the gentle, yet effective system of medicine that is homeopathy. Homeopathy is safe to use in the very young and can be supplied in soluble granules to use pre-weaning.  Colic, coughs and colds, teething and ear infections are all easily treated with homeopathy.  High quality research studies have demonstrated the effectiveness of homeopathic treatment in, for example, ear infections (acute otitis media). The International Journal of Clinical Pharmacology and Therapeutics (1997) compared homeopathy with conventional treatment and results showed pain relief was achieved faster and the infection was less likely to recur with homeopathic treatment.  In this group, only 5 out of 103 children required antibiotics. The Study concluded that homeopathy should be the first line of defence for this condition.

Fast, reliable support for you and your family

“Homeopathy works fast with children because they are usually full of vitality.” This means minor, acute ailments can be easily treated at home with support from your homeopath. A first consultation with a qualified homeopath means your professional knows you and your baby, and acute prescriptions can be offered via quick telephone consultations. This peace of mind, holistic approach can be of great support with a new addition to your family!

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