Child Psychology

What is Clinical Psychology for children and adolescents?

Clinical psychology is a branch of psychology concerned with the assessment and treatment of mental illness and psychiatric problems. This field integrates the science of psychology with the treatment of complex human problems. A clinical psychologist has clinical experience of face-to-face counselling as well as a degree in psychology. The aims of clinical psychology for children and adolescents is to enhance wellbeing and achieve the young person’s individual goals, bringing them closer to the person that they want to be and the life that they want to lead.

Who delivers the therapy?

Dr Andy Siddaway. Read more about him here.

Reasons to seek our therapy in Scotland

  • Adjusting to difficult life events (particularly bereavement, trauma, and abuse)
  • Finding alternatives to self-harm
  • Overcoming long-term difficulties with relationships and identity
  • Depression
  • Anxiety-related problems, including worry and phobias
  • Stress management