Claire Spence. Kinetic Chain Release (KCR)and Hopi Ear Candling

Claire Spence. Kinetic Chain Release Therapy and Hopi Ear Candling, Stirling

Claire has been a Kinetic Chain Release (KCR) practitioner since Feb 2014 and became an accredited practitioner in June 2014.


She previously studied P.E at Edinburgh University before starting up a popular Children’s sports coaching business in Stirling.


Kinetic Chain Release (KCR) is a system of medically and scientifically approved gentle mobilisations and stretches as developed by Scottish Physiotherapist Hugh Gilbert. A scientifically proven, twenty three step protocol of mobilisations and stretches that quickly and effectively shortens injury & recovery time, releases a multitude of aches and pains and re-balances bodies – fast.
Who Can Benefit From Kinetic Chain Release ?
Everyone who is living in a physical body, from the very young to the aged.
The KCR protocol quickly brings bodies back into balance, alleviating problems such as weak ankles, knee problems, hip and joint pain, pelvic discomforts, back, shoulder and neck pain, TMJ, and headaches.
The rapid, restorative effects of bringing the body back into balance quickly restores energy levels.
The ‘Gold Standard’ scientifically reviewed and approved status of KCR provides peace of mind and authentic authority for practitioners and clients alike.
KCR and FOTO (Focus on Therapeutic Outcomes)
Kinetic Chain Release Protocol (KCR) received a 99% ranking from FOTO, an industry leading outcomes management system which evaluated over 2500 KCR case studies against a huge data base of over 36 million.
That means that KCR is now ranked as a number one treatment in the USA and Canada.
Out of the 2500 clinician case studies that KCR was ranked against, the majority were from Physiotherapists.
A comparison of treated conditions showed that for neck complaints an average of 10.8 visits were needed compared to the gold standard KCR which only required 1.6. A massive reduction in recovery time and costs for patients.
Such an outstanding success rate is the reason KCR is rapidly becoming the gold standard for treatment.
Each session lasts between 45 minutes to 1 hour and are undertaken fully clothed. Please come wearing loose fitting clothes, not jeans please .
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