Corporate Wellbeing


Our extensive team of healthcare therapists and practitioners is here to help you create a workforce which is both happy and healthy thereby reducing sickness costs and increasing productivity.

We offer Corporate Wellbeing packages for companies in Stirling, Stirlingshire and Forth Valley, Scotland and will discuss and agree the package based on your organisations wellbeing needs and budget.


Packages may include :

    • Mindfulness Taster sessions/ Training. Delivered by our Mindfulness Coach Louise Cullen.
    • Nutrition and Wellbeing. Seminars or Workshops  delivered by our Nutritionist, Genna Nelson . Themes such as:
      • affect of stress and anxiety on digestion/hormone/ mood and how to combat it through nutritional changes.
      • immunity boost
      • weight loss
      • general wellbeing
      • Health assessments, screening  and testing ( Vitamin D, Hair Analysis, Food Intolerance Test)
    •  Relaxation delivered by our team of hands-on Therapists.
      • On-site therapy for muscular pain and alignment issues:
      • Massage ( the client may need to undress)
      • Reflexology  (no need to undress)
      • KCR (no need to undress)
    • Stress/ Anxiety/ Depression Counselling and CBT Therapy
    • Discount Schemes for block booking at One Allan Park in the city centre of Stirling.


We shape all of our packages to suit you; whether we come to you or you come to us, our flexible service can be tailored to match your needs and personalised goals.

We are very Flexible and Responsive to your Corporate Wellbeing needs.

Please email for discussion of your needs and how we can help.