Dr Liza Morton Testimonials

“I had been dealing with various issues relating to my childhood and late teens for many years. I often felt alone, anxious and stressed and this was picked up by my HR manager at work who recommended I spoke to someone. Visiting Liza helped me to talk through the problems I had with my childhood and gave me an opportunity to grieve for family members that I had never been able to do. She has helped me to understand what triggers my anxiety and stress. I feel much better equipped to deal with these issue and ensure I always put myself first.”

“Having spent many years trying to find a solution to my intense anxiety through a variety of different therapies, I finally came across Liza Morton, who skilfully helped me to address past trauma, so that I’m now able to tackle everyday problems without fear of being overcome with debilitating stress. Liza has given me a way ahead which I hadn’t thought possible before.”

“A year ago, I picked up the phone. I knew I needed help. I googled ‘counselling Stirling’ and found Allan Park Clinic. A week later I was sitting in front of Liza Morton. To be honest, the first few sessions were a bit of a blur – I just talked, and Liza listened. After a few weeks she helped me identify what were the underlying factors that were pushing me to despair. As a doctor I had just accepted that I suffered from ‘recurrent depression’ and to keep taking the meds. Over several sessions Liza gradually teased out that there were deep rooted reasons for my struggle. Over the next few sessions she helped me identify what lay at the heart of my turmoil. I now feel that I’m beginning to address longterm unhelpful beliefs that were stopping me from feeling better. In the first time in a long while I actually like who I am. I am immensely grateful to Liza for helping me find my feet again.”

“I can’t explain how much Liza has helped me to deal with my issues around anxiety and grief. Her style is patient and calm and I really appreciate that she understood my preferences in order to give me practical and realistic actions that have enabled me to develop strategies that have helped me significantly. Liza makes the experience enjoyable. She challenges appropriately but kindly, and demonstrates compassion and empathy at all times. I am very happy to recommend her to anyone who is struggling with life and wants to make a positive change.”

“I visited Liza to work through various issues I felt were holding me back in my life. I found Liza to be very easy to talk to and non-judgemental. Liza helped me understand the root causes of my issues and worked with me to develop strategies to overcome them. I highly recommend her service she’s is very good at what she does.”

“I was given Liza’s details by my Dr for grief counselling. I hadn’t been to counselling before and didn’t really know what to expect. Liza made me feel at ease immediately and I found I was really looking forward to our sessions. She really helped me deal with the issues I was facing in a safe environment. I feel so much better now and safe in the knowledge that if I need to I can approach Liza for help in the future.”