Fiona Gavine. Owner and Practice Manager

Here’s a nice blog about  why I set up One Allan Park; it was originally published by Stirling Self Catering when I was nominated as a Local Hero in Stirling  July 2017 , and updated periodically.


Local Hero: One Allan Park Wellbeing Clinic

On a beautiful terrace near King’s Park, Stirling, there’s a place where people come, from far and wide, to rest, relax and heal. One Allan Park Wellbeing Clinic opened its doors in 2013 and has been thriving ever since. We spoke to Fiona Gavine to find out more.

One Allan Park has a strong team of Therapists and Practitioners, offering a broad range of complementary therapies ranging from Massage to Reflexology, Hypnotherapy, KCR, energy based therapies  and the Talking Therapies. Fiona is the owner and Practice Manager. In her words, her job is “making sure it all works and we are giving a great service to our clients”.

Perhaps unusually, Fiona is not a therapist herself, but this is for good reason: “I was a Biochemist and then a finance/ business person with a keen interest in health, so my skill-set is completely different from therapists. I think it’s difficult to effectively combine the role of therapist and business owner. I’ve seen other establishments try; however, I believe it compromises the experience for the paying client.”

Fiona’s approach is different. “Myself and the core team look after the premises to ensure that the clients have a pleasant experience as soon as they come in. Aroma diffusers pump out faint geranium essential oil, candles are lit in the therapy rooms and there are fresh flowers in reception. Everything is spick and span so the therapists have only to worry about giving their undivided attention to their clients. They need never worry about the premises, the booking system, marketing, or any other distraction.”

The clinic was officially opened by Judy Murray in November 2013. “She understands the need to get the body, mind and heart all working effectively together to make the best of what we have,” explains Fiona. And opening Allan Park was the culmination of many lifestyle decisions for Fiona too. “My mum died of cancer 20 years ago at the age of only 63. This hit me pretty hard, as she was of that generation who gave everything to their family but did not often spend time looking after their own health. Now we know better and understand that to have a long and active life we need to take care of our bodies through eating nutritious meals, exercising, managing stress and our mental health, too. I started doing yoga in 2000  and met lots of interesting people with much to say about complementary health and healthy living. I found this fascinating, especially the science aspects of it.” These experiences made Fiona examine her lifestyle. “After 20 years working in large companies, I was pretty burnt out with all the travelling. So, I set up on my own as a consultant helping young health and life science companies get off the ground. Eventually you do think … let’s just start up your own company instead of telling others how to do it!” And the rest, as they say, is history.

Fiona is proud of many of the clinic’s therapies: “ not long after the clinic opened a young woman called Claire Spence came to the clinic and introduced me to a therapy called Kinetic Chain Release, or KCR. This physio-based therapy helps align the bodies of clients to resolve issues such as bad backs and sciatic pain. I’m not sure if it is Claire’s magic way with the clients, the therapy, or a combination of both, but from where I sit in reception, I hear so many stories of people’s pain reducing. It is lovely to be part of it.”. From 2020 we have been hosting Sapphire Medical Clinics and together we have become the first approved clinic in Scotland to offer Medical Cannabis on prescription. We also host The Tinnitus Clinic who are specialists in helping people handle that condition.

Stirling is Fiona’s ideal setting. “For a wellbeing clinic, it’s just so nice to be in a location that has all the facilities to be well. Stirling is small enough to be able to walk to nearly all amenities, but big enough to have every amenity, too. And, it’s a stunning place visually. When I’m walking my dog Ben around the Kings Park golf course, there is a point where you get the most amazing view of the castle, the old town jail and observatory. And It must be one of the best views in Scotland. So good for the stress levels and mental wellbeing.  In terms of setting up a business, Stirling is accessible from all over Scotland. We have clients who regularly come by train from Glasgow and Edinburgh – we’re a mere 8 minutes’ walk from the train station.”

When we ask Fiona to describe the atmosphere at One Allan Park, her response is compelling: ‘The moment I walked into One Allan Park, almost 10 years ago, I felt a positive healing energy and knew it would be an ideal location for a wellbeing centre. Our clients feel the energy and the calmness too; it is remarked upon constantly. Our therapists are a great team, very professional, and so keen to help every client in every way they can. It is a friendly, supportive and uplifting place.”

And where does Fiona get her drive every day? “Simple. I love seeing people enjoy life and being happy and healthy. Sometimes people need help to achieve that. We are here for them! I set up the clinic to be a one-stop shop to help people access everything they need to achieve a long and healthy life. So that they can be all they want to be. So that they may thrive in life, rather than exist.”

We find that once clients try our therapies and feel the energy in the clinic they are inspired to share their experience by buying a gift voucher for their family/ friends to experience too. They either buy a Gift Voucher for a specific treatment (the most popular is a relaxing massage or a sports/ remedial massage for men) or a specific monetary amount  to allow the recipient to check out the list of therapies and choose for themselves. The hands-on therapies can be booked and paid for on-line through our website or Facebook page (Book button); you can see availability of our hands-on therapists over the next 6 weeks and book without having to  call the clinic. Gift Vouchers can be purchased on line too.