For Dr Liza Morton. Chartered Counselling Psychologist

What our clients say: 

  • Complex stress and anxiety: “She has helped me to understand what triggers my anxiety and stress. I feel much better equipped to deal with these issues and ensure I always put myself first.” Read in full.
  • Anxiety: “Liza has given me a way ahead which I hadn’t thought possible before.” Read in full.
  • Despair: “In the first time in a long while I actually like who I am.” Read in full.
  • Anxiety and grief: “She challenges appropriately but kindly, and demonstrates compassion and empathy at all times.” Read in full.
  • Being held back in life: “Liza helped me understand the root causes of my issues and worked with me to develop strategies to overcome them.”  Read in full.
  • Grief: “I feel so much better now and safe in the knowledge that if I need to I can approach Liza for help in the future.” Read in full.