For Lesley McAuley. Sports/ Remedial Therapist

What our clients say :
  • Hip replacement: Following a double hip replacement in December 2017 and subsequent recovery time, I decided to attend      One Allan Park, Wellbeing Clinic Stirling for a Sports & Remedial Massage. I was given a consultation by Lesley McAuley, who was very professional and friendly. We agreed on a neck, back, shoulders massage and also some remedial exercise on my gluteus. I was also given a tennis ball by Lesley to roll over my hips. These monthly visits have not only relaxed my shoulder and back muscles following exercise, but has increased my range of movement in my hips. I cannot recommend Lesley highly enough and my massage visits have assisted greatly in my recovery and overall wellbeing. Thank you Lesley!   FS, May 2019
  • Sports Massage : I spend lots of time in the gym and exercising so when I need a sports massage I always go to One Allan Park where Lesley McAulay is fantastic. She starts the session by discussing any problem areas and tailors her treatment to target the areas causing problems. Lesley is very keen to understand the cause of issues and has great knowledge to give amazing treatment and preventative advice. I would highly recommend Lesley if you are looking for a sports and remedial massage.  AS , May 2019
  • Chronic Back Pain : I have been going to One Allan Park for treatments with Lesley for almost four years and always leave feeling relaxed and pain free. I have had chronic back problems and myofascial pain for several years and she can spot my tight muscles a mile off, offering a treatment which feels tailored to my specific issues. Her friendliness also makes every appointment just fly by and I always look forward to the next. TN,  May 2019