For Sue Watson. Craniosacral Therapist

What our clients say :

  • Back Pain: “Sue Watson has been an immense help to me over several years, both as a conventional physiotherapist and also as a craniosacral therapist. I have had trouble with back pain and damaged knees for most of my adult life, and in more recent times have been diagnosed with a serious neurological condition. In all cases, Sue’s work eases the pain, calms my mind/body and helps me to lead a normal life. Sue is also expert in teaching me strategies for self-management of my various ailments and pain-sources.”   (Mountaineer and professional photographer) 2018


  • Parkinson’s: “What has happened since, however, that my sense of wellbeing has soared, and I’ve been feeling better than I have for ages – much more able to cope with my various sources of pain, hardly noticing my Parkinson’s, and just generally feeling really good – calm and energised at the same time.So, thanks for all that you do. If only you could bottle it and sell it!”(except from an e mail received Jan 2019)


  • Tendon pain: I can’t recommend this type of treatment enough! I feel I have been on a journey of understanding that has really helped me have a different relationship with some long standing, sometimes debilitating, pain in my wrists and Achilles tendons. As a guitar teacher and someone passionate about outdoor adventure, the injuries had a big impact on my life.  Coming to understand how physical pain can be a manifestation of stress and our emotional state became clearer with the time.  Sue’s ability in marrying a deep understanding of how bodies move and function, the use of craniosacral ‘touch’ and very individual advice on exercises and strategies is a reflection of her passion and commitment to many years of trainings. The long-term effects included feeling calmer, regaining the function of hands and feet, improving my balance and having choice about how I deal with stress.  (Teacher, Trossachs 2018)


  • Low Mood: ‘I had arrived for the appointment in a very (dark/) low place and found myself singing out loud to the radio on the way home.  The only way I can describe feeling after seeing Sue is ‘really alive’, something I hadn’t experienced in some time.  It gave me real hope to know this was possible in such a short time.’ (KC Glasgow, lecturer2018)


  • Why craniosacral therapy?  This is what one client said: “I love my body and what it does for me. I love the feeling of all types of movement (dancing, cycling, walking, climbing, yoga and everyday movement) and being connected with myself. My absolute passion is dancing, there is nothing else that makes me feel so free. Cranio is part of all that movement, supporting it, keeping me healthy, showing me new or changing connections and allowing me to be in the ‘feltsense’ of myself rather than my thinking mind which tends to be overactive.”