Lydia Watt testimonials

“I went to Lydia Watt at One Allan Park Clinic as I suffer from extreme fatigue related to Multiple Sclerosis. (MS).

Following the first session of acupuncture I felt very calm and relaxed and  therefore booked another 2 sessions at weekly intervals . To my delight, I felt 100% better both physically and mentally. My mood lifted, my energy levels increased and I am sleeping much more soundly . I am now having ” top-up” treatments when I feel I need to be refreshed.

I would highly recommend a trial of Acupuncture for MS sufferers as an alternative to conventional medicine.  Lydia is a physiotherapist specialising in Acupuncture for MS sufferers.”

– LB , October 2017.

“I came to see Lydia for acupuncture because I kept on getting pain in my shoulder and sometimes it would seize up. She was very attentive to what the problem was and used a combination of physio and acupuncture to treat the area. I could really feel the tension release during treatment and I have have noticed definite improvements with my shoulder as I don’t get the pain anymore.  Lydia also gave advice on exercises to do to support the treatments.  She offers an excellent holistic treatment.”


“I had been experiencing severe lower back pain for several months during which time I visited my doctor who prescribed pain killers and anti-inflamnatory tablets. I’m not someone who likes to take tablets so I was keen to try an alternative treatment.

Lydia was recommended to me by my wife as they are both friends through our children. I had an initial consultation with Lydia and explained my symptoms to her. From there she suggested a series of treatments focusing on lower back massage and acupuncture. After several sessions I began to notice a reduction in pain and an increase in mobility which was great! I continued several more sessions and can now say that the pain I was experiencing is nearly gone.

I also have a fear of needles; however Lydia put me at ease which made the treatment much more enjoyable.

Lydia is a professional in her field of expertise, she is understanding, knowledgeable, caring and wants to help and make a difference. I would have no hesitation in recommending Lydia for this type of treatment.”

– Andrew