Mhairi McGregor testimonials

“Although I was not in constant pain the massages have “unknotted” me and not only do I feel so much better physically, it has helped me mentally too. For months I felt so tired but unable to get a good night’s sleep. After the first massage I got the best night’s sleep I’d had for a very long time, and now feel so much better and relaxed, where I don’t feel tired and sore. Honestly I feel 10 years younger.

I know it’s my work that causes the muscles to tighten and this was affecting my attitude towards my work. Now I feel so much better, the pleasure in doing my job has returned and (don’t tell Mhairi ), working harder and longer but enjoying it more.

Please pass on my thanks to Mhairi. Thank you.”

George Mailer, George Mailer & Sons, (Roofing Contractors)