Mindfulness Course (6 weeks) starting Sunday 20th October 2019

Louise Cullen will be running a 6 week Mindfulness Course in Stirling  from Sunday 20th October 2019. She will be assisted by Chris Hartley , AFHEA, MSc, Bsc, MBPsS , who will deliver a couple of the sessions.


Starting date : Sunday 20th October 2019

Frequency and Time: Every Sunday 11am to 12.30pm until its December  2019. There will be a mid course break which will be accompanied by a free on-line Vlog session to allow for reflection and homework.

Venue: One Allan Park Wellbeing Clinic, 1 Allan Park, Stirling, FK8 2QG.

Size of class: 8 participants maximum

Course Fee: £150.  A £50 non-refundable deposit/ booking fee is required to reserve a place . The balance of £100 is due by  the fist day of the course.

About the Mindfulness Course:

In this 6 week programme participants are taken through a range of mindfulness techniques, guided meditations, and mindfulness awareness exercises that can be integrated into everyday life. The small group will have the guidance of Louise and Chris  and will be encouraged to practice exercises and meditations in their own time with audio and materials given to them each week.  The course is broken up into six hour and a half long sessions.

Benefits of practicing Mindfulness:

  • Become fully engaged in activities
  • Create a greater capacity to deal with adverst events
  • Stop worrying about the past or the future
  • Enhance our self esteem
  • Deepen our connection with others
  • Relieve stress
  • Lower blood pressure
  • Reduce chronic pain
  • Improve sleep
  • Improve your mental health
  • Release depression and anxiety
  • Satisfied Life

Detailed Course Content :

Mindfulness is known to increase focus, productivity, efficiency, self-love, help with creating better relationships and friendships and bring a positivity and peace to your life. The ultimate aim of this programme is that you leave feeling better equipped to have a fuller, richer and more meaningful daily existence.

Each week you will participate in a class which will enable you to understand your own mind and you will learn a range of relaxation techniques, guided meditations, and mindfulness awareness exercises that can be integrated into everyday life. This course is run in collaboration between Louise Cullen (Mindfulness Coach) and Chris Hartley (Performance Psychology Consultant).  Each participant will have the guidance of our experts and will be encouraged to practice exercises and meditations in their own time.

The course is broken up into 6 x 1.5 hour long sessions (with a 1-week break in the middle accompanied by a free online vlog session), which take place at One Allan Park.  This 6-week course group session is limited to 8 participants to maintain an intimate and supportive atmosphere.  Please see below for a brief outline of the program.

This course is very much discussion based and experiential in its nature. All of my sessions are suitable for beginners but will also suit more experienced practitioners. There will be an intro at the start of each session and discussion of the lesson and practice. There is a natural progression to this course.

 Start : Sunday 20th October  2019

Week 1 – An Introduction to Mindfulness Practice (Louise Cullen)

In week 1 we look at what is mindfulness? Where did it come from and why should I do it? We will begin by looking at our own intentions and understanding where we can get to with mindfulness.  We will start by looking at how we can shift our mind to be more focused, positive and well-tuned. We will have a general discussion and start with some short practices. Looking at grounding and resting the body and simple ways to start your mindfulness journey.  We will start to get to know our breath in our body and how this can impact our practice and our life.


Week 2 – Breathing and Visualisations (Louise Cullen)

Why is the breath so important? How can breathing help our practice? We will work with the breath in the body and tune in to how important our breath is as an anchor when we need it the most. We will also look at how we can become more aware of our body and connect the body and mind through breathing and playing with the

movement of the breath.

We will also look at the start of what is going on in our body when we meditate? Are we really tuned in? Or do we suffer when something goes wrong. We will be looking to become fully aware of both the body and mind. To see if we can introduce some gentle movement to our meditation practice to become more grounded in our body and understand our moving body.


Week 3 – You and Your Thoughts (Louise Cullen)

You are not your thoughts. In this session we will look at what our thought process is and why it’s on repeat and question why we listen to ourselves sometimes when it can cause us pain. Or is it our voice we hear or another’s? We will practice exploring unpleasant thoughts and how we can bring some perspective to them through various mindfulness practices to discover our barriers to our everyday life.

Sunday 10th October 2019 – Mid-programme break

Online vlog: 5-10min Video introducing Chris and ‘Thought Hooking’ practice

Following on from ‘you are not your thoughts’; this online vlog will serve to keep you going at home during the mid-programme break. Chris will give an introduction to the psychology behind unhelpful thoughts and painful emotions and ask you to engage in some tasks for Week 4 where you will practice ‘unhooking’ from such thoughts and feelings.

Week 4 – Dealing with Distractions in Practice (Chris Hartley)

In Week, 4 we will review the unhooking task from the previous week, and more fully discuss how unhelpful and painful distractions affect us in our everyday life. Using memorable experiential exercises, Chris will illustrate how mindfulness habits can be formed in order to maintain present moment awareness and shift our attention to valued action. We will then put these principles into practice by engaging in some stillness and quiet periods, exploring our mind and noticing how we get distracted and can refocus on the present.


Week 5 – Using mindfulness to make more meaningful choices (Chris Hartley)

In Week 5, we will start with a brief centering exercise, and then get to grips with how mindfulness can be used to make more ‘towards’ moves in your day-to-day life. Using experiential and group-sharing exercises, we will try to understand the values that matter to us and why. We will then explore how our thoughts and painful emotions can sometimes ‘push’ us away from these valued life-directions, and what this costs us. We will finish the session by teaching you how to use an empowering mindfulness-based framework to make fuller, richer and more meaningful choices in your day-to-day life.


Week 6 – Deepening Our Perspectives in Practice (Louise Cullen)

The final session will start with a discussion-based review of the last few sessions. Louise will then conclude the programme by deepening your perspectives through exploring the following: What does this feel like? How do I feel about silence? What does that mean? Can I stay in my meditation without distraction when it’s so still? Silence really brings revelation. What will you discover about yourself in the stillness?

To Book:

Call the Clinic on 01786 359 188


email: info@oneallanpark.co.uk