Homeopathy: Your Natural Remedy for Hayfever?

Posted by Fiona Gavine on the 24th June 2014

Did you know hay fever is treated homeopathically in the winter?  Weird or wonderful?

Act now, to benefit next summer 

There is no better time than the present to start treating your hayfever, in order to reap the benefits next year. Homeopathic remedies have incredible success when used holistically and when the homeopath can select a remedy based on your history, symptoms and lifestyle.

Like all homeopathic remedies, the best outcomes are when remedies match your symptoms. Do your eyes run in summer?  Does your nose block? Do you suffer from an itchy palate? Some hay fever sufferers are actually better outdoors – is this you?  Do you lose your sense of smell or taste? What times of day are better and worse for you? Answering these questions and more will ensure a personal hay fever prescription to suit your needs.

Treating hayfever homeopathically when pregnant

Are you pregnant?  There are currently no antihistamine or steroid tablets approved for use in pregnancy.  But homeopathic remedies can be taken safely and with confidence throughout pregnancy and during breastfeeding. And they could help prevent you having to suffer next summer.

Act now!

Call now to visit our homeopath for a full appointment  and reap the benefits next summer!