Shirley Mackenzie. Psychotherapist and EMDR specialist


“I see counselling as a process of personal development encouraging my clients to focus on what (s)he wants to change to improve relationships, lifestyle and contentment. Let’s be interested in our problems – the easiest way to resolve them!”

Shirley has been in practice in Edinburgh for 20 years and is experienced in working with individuals and couples across many areas of concern especially trauma, anxiety, depression, sexual and emotional abuse, grief and relationship and workplace problems.

Shirley is also an experienced Human Resource Consultant and is familiar with workplace and organisational concerns that straddle employment issues such as stress, bullying, harassment, discipline and grievance concerns. She regularly receives referrals from large employers who wish to support their employees through a difficult phase.

The therapeutic approach

We all experience difficulties at some point in our lives. Sometimes these times can seem more overwhelming than others. Whatever the circumstances, seeking the help of a psychotherapist or counsellor to share your thoughts and feelings can be useful. Shirley offers a safe and confidential setting for clients to explore areas of distress or concern.

Shirley also offers EMDR treatment (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing), which is now a therapy of choice being offered by the NHS for stress, trauma, panic, phobias and other persistent challenges.


Shirley offers clinical supervision (PTSTA) to other counsellors, psychotherapists and care professionals, as well as training to student counsellors and psychotherapists. There are different modalities of counselling and Shirley is trained and accredited in Transactional Analysis (CTA) and a member of both UKATA and UKCP and on their register of practitioners.