Sue Watson. Craniosacral Therapist

Sue’s skills are grounded in sound clinical knowledge and have specialised in craniosacral therapy ( CST) and rehabilitation for nearly 20 years.  Initially training with Upledger to Certificate and Advanced levels, her practice evolved to be influenced by those contributing to the more subtle biodynamic model. Sue has recently gone on to complete the Body Intelligence (BI) Diploma in biodynamic CST.  She has also been a regular assistant on Upledger courses over the years, and, more recently, on the BI training in Edinburgh.

Sue’s expertise lies in having an in-depth understanding of anatomy and movement, of how sensory integration and our life experiences – including persisting stress and trauma – affect behaviours and movement patterns, and in experiencing the uniqueness of many individuals.  A highly developed sensory awareness allows Sue to ‘listen’ through touch, inviting the source of the problem to be ‘heard’, rather than the focus being on the problem.

Issue that the therapy may help with

The therapy is as rich and helpful for maintaining wellbeing or preparing the passage to motherhood or soothing babies as it is for trauma recovery or deep and challenging personal growth; Sue has a wealth of experience with all ages of children and adults, and special interest in:

  • Combining cranial work with physiotherapy – particularly useful with persistent or repeating injuries/conditions – where depletion/stress/overwhelm may be a contributing factor.
  • Supporting the supporter – nourishing and revitalising support for carers, healthcare professionals, social work, teaching and emergency services. With over 25 years in the NHS, Sue recognises that even the most resilient of people are challenged by the current public-sector ‘climate’.

The therapeutic approach

“I believe that we all have inherent health, and at some level we can achieve comfort and wellbeing, whatever challenges are presented. Experience tells me that by soothing the nervous system, experiencing deep relaxation and raising awareness of one’s own resources within allows us to function and face the same challenges but from a more robust place.

In my work I use presence, touch, movement and education to help clients reconnect with, and maintain, wellbeing. As a physiotherapist, I am passionate about the possibilities of human movement, stability and balance and can offer guidance and advice on exercise plans, as well as drawing on the personal experience of meditation and mindfulness to inform home practices that will support and enhance the effects of the therapy. Therapeutic presence, I believe, is key to any successful therapy – as is providing a safe and nurturing space to move towards health at whatever pace is needed.”


HCPC registered (chartered physiotherapist), Member of CranioSacral Society, Registered with Craniosacral Therapy assoc., current PGV, Outdoor First Aid and Person-Centred Counselling certificates. Postgrad training in Paediatric CST, Immune System CST, and Visceral Manipulation (VM1).

Find Sue on Facebook: ‘Sue Watson Craniosacral Therapy’ to get a flavour of my interests and how CST could support your journey to health and wellness.