Young Persons / Teenage / Adolescent Counselling

What is counselling?

Counselling brings an opportunity to meet with a non-judgemental, experienced professional. This can help a young person to find their way through more difficult stages in their childhood or teen years. Counselling can provide an increase in the young person’s self-belief and in their own inner resources to cope now and in the future. No matter how troubling the present circumstances may be, it can be a ‘nourishing’, supportive and positive step for a child or young person to share these difficulties with a counsellor in a professional, caring environment where their confidentiality is respected.

Who delivers the counselling?

Margherita Sacca. Read more about her here.

Reasons to seek counselling

Children and adolescents  often experience troubling times as they travel the path to being young adults. Difficulties experienced along the way fall (broadly) into the following groups:

  • Relationships: e.g. family and peer group
  • School
  • Emotional or physical wellbeing
  • Loss
  • Behavioural issues

Sometimes a life experience catches young people unaware e.g. the death of someone significant in their life. Relationship issues are a major feature for children and young people, alongside the desire to be “one of the crowd”. Self-esteem issues causing increased levels of anxiety have risen dramatically in recent times.

Self-harm and cyber bullying currently cause great emotional pain for our young people. Pressures mount at exam time, and learning difficulties can compound the problem. Family life and relationships at home can become complex and this impacts on the child or young person.

If you or a person you are responsible for is troubled by one or more of the following  issues; then seeking professional help from a Counsellor could help :

  • Anxiety
  • Being on the autism spectrum
  • Bullying (including cyber bullying)
  • Complications in relationships
  • Doubt over their own abilities
  • Exam stress or simply exhaustion from the pressures of the curriculum
  • Insomnia
  • Self-harm
  • Suicidal thoughts