Debbie Lyon. Oncology Massage and Manual Lymphatic Drainage.



Deborah is an experienced therapist qualifying from the Edinburgh Therapy Academy back in 2007. Since then she has built upon her vast knowledge and expertise over the years, working with a variety of health and holistic centres, 5 star spas and the Disney cruise lines.

Offering a wide range of treatments from Deborah is more than happy to adapt any treatment to suit your needs, specialising in Deep Tissue massage, Swedish massage, Indian head massage, Oncology massage and Manual Lymphatic drainage.

Qualifying in Oncology massage with the Glasgow school of Massage, Deborah is passionate about this field of work. With 1 in 2 people diagnosed with cancer Deborah feels there is a great need for this type of massage, giving the client a better ability to tolerate cancer treatment, boosting quality of life and well being.

Oncology massage is a gentle restorative massage using slow and steady movements that is adapted to make it safe for an individual with a previous or current cancer diagnosis. Oncology massage therapists are fully trained in the specifics of cancer treatments providing a type of massage that works with the body’s central nervous system, helping the body to relax and promote sleep, sleep deprivation has been linked to a lower immunity.

This type of massage can also play an important role in palliative care as well as tolerating cancer treatment side effects such as nausea, peripheral neuropathy ( numbness) headaches, anxiety and aches and pains.
Oncology massage provides a supportive soothing touch, as well as enhancing the client’s sense of well-being and quality of life.

Deborah also specialises in Manual Lymphatic drainage (MLD)
Manual Lymphatic Drainage is a specialised form of massage that will encourage the natural drainage of the lymph. It has powerful cleansing, relaxing , pain relieving and immunological effects.The aim of MLD is to move fluid from the swollen area into a place where the lymphatic system is working normally,
It is particularly useful for the treatment of lymphoedema and swelling that is often seen in response to cancer treatments such as radiotherapy. Its specialised pumping technique can be used to prevent or treat lymphoedema, and improve lymph drainage.