Hands-On Therapies
Aromatherapy Massage 55 minutes£45
Sports and Remedial Massage Therapy30 minutes£30
Sports and Remedial Massage Therapy/ Deep Tissue55 minutes£45
Indian Head Massage40 minutes£35
Indian Head Massage +Back, Neck, Shoulder Massage Combo55 minutes£45
Indian Head Massage +Full Body Massage Grand Combo 90 minutes£60
Pregnancy Massage55 minutes£45
Kinetic Chain Release (KCR). Initial appointment55 minutes£45
Kinetic Chain Release (KCR). Follow-up session40 minutes£40
Reflexology55 minutes£45
Massage and Reflexology Combo55 minutes£45
Full Body Deep Massage 85 minutes £60
Hot Stones Massage55 minutes£55
Swedish Massage55 minutes£45
Massage and Reflexology Grand Combo 90 minutes£60
KCR/ Remedial Massage Combo. Initial session ( 2 therapists )80 minutes£70
KCR/ Remedial Massage Combo. Follow-up session ( 2 therapists )60 minutes£60
Couples Massage- 2 Therapists55 minutes£90
Natural Lift Facial Massage 45 minutes£40
Silver Massage (Hand, Foot and Leg Massage for the Elderly)40 minutes£35
Physiotherapy/ Acupuncture. Initial consultation 60 minutes£55
Ear (Auricular) Acupuncture with Reflexology55 minutes£60
Ear (Auricular) Acupuncture 45 minutes£45
Physiotherapy / Acupuncture. Follow-up 55 minutes£45

Complementary Therapies
Homeopathy (initial consultation + standard remedy)90 minutes£70
Homeopathy (follow up)45 minutes£50
Hypnotherapy up to 85 minutes £60
Hopi Ear Candles ( includes lymphatic drainage)45 minutes£35
CranioSacral Therapy55 minutes£55

Looking Good
Dermatology consultation30 minutes£35
Skin Camouflage ( including tattoo coverage)30 minutes £35
Reiki55 minutes£45
Nutritional Therapy Programme ( initial +2 follow-up sessions) 210 minutes£240
Nutritional Therapy Follow-up 55 minutes£75

Talking Therapies
Child/ Young Persons' Counselling 55 minutes£55
Adult Counselling55 minutes£55
Child Clinical Psychology55 minutes£95
Counselling Psychology (Adults and Children)55 minutes£90
Clinical Psychological Therapy (with CBT, EMDR etc)55 minutes£95

Food Intolerance Testing.55minutes£95
Myofascial Release Therapy. Initial session85 minutes£70
Myofascial Therapy. Follow-up session55 minutes£50