For Lesley McAuley. Sports/ Remedial Therapist

What our clients say :
  • Hip replacement: Following a double hip replacement in December 2017 and subsequent recovery time, I decided to attend      One Allan Park, Wellbeing Clinic Stirling for a Sports & Remedial Massage. I was given a consultation by Lesley McAuley, who was very professional and friendly. We agreed on a neck, back, shoulders massage and also some remedial exercise on my gluteus. I was also given a tennis ball by Lesley to roll over my hips. These monthly visits have not only relaxed my shoulder and back muscles following exercise, but has increased my range of movement in my hips. I cannot recommend Lesley highly enough and my massage visits have assisted greatly in my recovery and overall wellbeing. Thank you Lesley!   FS, May 2019
  • Sports Massage : I spend lots of time in the gym and exercising so when I need a sports massage I always go to One Allan Park where Lesley McAulay is fantastic. She starts the session by discussing any problem areas and tailors her treatment to target the areas causing problems. Lesley is very keen to understand the cause of issues and has great knowledge to give amazing treatment and preventative advice. I would highly recommend Lesley if you are looking for a sports and remedial massage.  AS , May 2019
  • Chronic Back Pain : I have been going to One Allan Park for treatments with Lesley for almost four years and always leave feeling relaxed and pain free. I have had chronic back problems and myofascial pain for several years and she can spot my tight muscles a mile off, offering a treatment which feels tailored to my specific issues. Her friendliness also makes every appointment just fly by and I always look forward to the next. TN,  May 2019

For Sue Watson. Craniosacral Therapist

What our clients say :

  • Back Pain: “Sue Watson has been an immense help to me over several years, both as a conventional physiotherapist and also as a craniosacral therapist. I have had trouble with back pain and damaged knees for most of my adult life, and in more recent times have been diagnosed with a serious neurological condition. In all cases, Sue’s work eases the pain, calms my mind/body and helps me to lead a normal life. Sue is also expert in teaching me strategies for self-management of my various ailments and pain-sources.”   (Mountaineer and professional photographer) 2018


  • Parkinson’s: “What has happened since, however, that my sense of wellbeing has soared, and I’ve been feeling better than I have for ages – much more able to cope with my various sources of pain, hardly noticing my Parkinson’s, and just generally feeling really good – calm and energised at the same time.So, thanks for all that you do. If only you could bottle it and sell it!”(except from an e mail received Jan 2019)


  • Tendon pain: I can’t recommend this type of treatment enough! I feel I have been on a journey of understanding that has really helped me have a different relationship with some long standing, sometimes debilitating, pain in my wrists and Achilles tendons. As a guitar teacher and someone passionate about outdoor adventure, the injuries had a big impact on my life.  Coming to understand how physical pain can be a manifestation of stress and our emotional state became clearer with the time.  Sue’s ability in marrying a deep understanding of how bodies move and function, the use of craniosacral ‘touch’ and very individual advice on exercises and strategies is a reflection of her passion and commitment to many years of trainings. The long-term effects included feeling calmer, regaining the function of hands and feet, improving my balance and having choice about how I deal with stress.  (Teacher, Trossachs 2018)


  • Low Mood: ‘I had arrived for the appointment in a very (dark/) low place and found myself singing out loud to the radio on the way home.  The only way I can describe feeling after seeing Sue is ‘really alive’, something I hadn’t experienced in some time.  It gave me real hope to know this was possible in such a short time.’ (KC Glasgow, lecturer2018)


  • Why craniosacral therapy?  This is what one client said: “I love my body and what it does for me. I love the feeling of all types of movement (dancing, cycling, walking, climbing, yoga and everyday movement) and being connected with myself. My absolute passion is dancing, there is nothing else that makes me feel so free. Cranio is part of all that movement, supporting it, keeping me healthy, showing me new or changing connections and allowing me to be in the ‘feltsense’ of myself rather than my thinking mind which tends to be overactive.”

For Andrea Lagunas. Deep Tissue Massage and KCR Therapist

What our clients say: 

  • Sports pain: “I would highly recommend Andrea and this treatment to anyone.” Read in full.
  • Deep tissue massage:”Very professional and knowledgeable therapist.” Read in full.
  • Back pain: “Andrea is lovely, very knowledgeable and understands back pain. I would definitely recommend to others.” Read in full.

For Dr Liza Morton. Chartered Counselling Psychologist

What our clients say: 

  • Complex stress and anxiety: “She has helped me to understand what triggers my anxiety and stress. I feel much better equipped to deal with these issues and ensure I always put myself first.” Read in full.
  • Anxiety: “Liza has given me a way ahead which I hadn’t thought possible before.” Read in full.
  • Despair: “In the first time in a long while I actually like who I am.” Read in full.
  • Anxiety and grief: “She challenges appropriately but kindly, and demonstrates compassion and empathy at all times.” Read in full.
  • Being held back in life: “Liza helped me understand the root causes of my issues and worked with me to develop strategies to overcome them.”  Read in full.
  • Grief: “I feel so much better now and safe in the knowledge that if I need to I can approach Liza for help in the future.” Read in full.

For Claire Spence. Kinetic Chain Release (KCR) Therapist

What clients say: 

I was very sore when I arrived at my appointment for KCR
Claire worked her magic on me and I left feeling 100% better
She is amazing

Moira Via – Facebook

I took my 13 year old son on Tuesday as he had an injury from his football game on Saturday. His posture was squint and in alot of pain down neck and back. After a session with claire his posture was normal again and he said he felt so much better. Thank you x

Karen – Via Facebook

Once again Claire has worked her magic, back & hip pain getting me down…feel so much better now. Would highly recommend treatment.

Eleanor – Via Facebook

I first came to Claire with a long term issue of bursitis in my hip which was incredibly painful, having had physio and religiously doing the at home exercises I felt things really weren’t improving, I was recommended KCR and thank goodness I was, after one treatment I have had none of the symptoms again, I literally stood up at the end of the treatment and felt taller, really can’t recommend Claire highly enough.

Lesley – Via Facebook

Wow! I had a great first session of KCR with Claire. She is friendly, knowledgeable and has managed to get my feet aligned in the first session. All my life i have had posture that was similar to the hunchback of notre dame but not now. I feel so light and straight. Cant wait to go for my follow up. Would highly recommend.

Elaine – Via Facebook

Booked an appointment with Claire after experiencing back pain for quite some time. Felt amazing after the first session and again after my follow up appointment today! Claire is brilliant at what she does and is such a lovely person. Would highly recommend! Thank you!

Caitlin – Via Facebook

Arrived yesterday struggling to walk or take the stairs due to my lower back pain. The reliefe I felt after the session was immense and although it wasn’t a comfortable walk home, unlike the way there it was manageable and I could make it up the stairs. Today It’s hard to believe the difference! Barely taken any pain medication, can walk quite comfortably and despite the odd twinge, generally feeling 100% better. I will definitely be booking back in for a maintenance session. Not only was the treatment very effective but Claire was very friendly and informative. Which was appreciated during a time when I was feeling quite unwell. Thanks Claire!

Alexis – Via Facebook

Experienced my first KCR therapy today with Claire. Now, I was a bit sceptical however, there’s no harm in trying, is there?! Ohmygollygosh!!! I feel amazing. I’m close to being pain free and feeling so loose. It’s as though I’ve had a huge weight taken off my shoulders. I still have a teeny twinge in my lower back but it’s hardly noticeable and my neck pain has gone completely. My ankles are feeling stronger too. I’m already booked for my next treatment in 4 weeks just to tweak my problem areas some more. Highly recommended!

Claire – Via Facebook

Absolutely amazing! Went for my first session due to having hip and knee pain. Claire was brilliant, she made me feel at ease and explained the treatment. It turned out one of my legs was shorter than the other due to my pelvis being out of alignment. After my session I felt full of energy, taller and pain free. Looking forward to my follow up session in 4 weeks.

Cesca – Via Facebook

I initially went to see Claire with hip pain which bothered me for months, physio hadn’t helped but one session from Claire and the relief was incredible. Although I still had a niggle due to low muscle strength I was then in a position to be able to work on the muscle again. I now go along for maintenance and general well being. I spend a lot of time on the floor at work and really benefit from Claire’s skill.

Chris – Via Facebook

Amazing! I had my first KCR treatment yesterday I struggled to get out my car and walk in to the clinic with the pain in my lower back, I’ve had this pain on and off for almost 8 years and never found a cure, After seeing Claire I feel great, very informative the treatment was spot on and she is a lovely girl, cannot recommend enough I left feeling loads better and today back to myself! Thanks Claire x

Chloe – Via Facebook

After my first session with Claire, my back was about 80% improved (I have had on-going nerve pain for the past 7/8 years). I’ll be honest and say that I did not expect the treatment to work as I was pretty sceptical… but I was so wrong! I can’t tell you how much a of a relief it is to be mostly free from my back pain. Thanks so much Claire for your friendly, professional service!

Chloe – Via Facebook

I went for my first session after suffering sciatica for 2 years, and making it worse through a back injury. I noticed a massive difference with only slight niggles when sitting too long. Now going onto my 3rd session and my back is much better.

Stefanie – Via Facebook

Had my first treatment tonight with Claire and honestly can’t believe the difference already. There was almost an inch difference in the length of my legs and by the end of the session both were back to normal. Feel so much better and can move a lot easier than I could earlier on today. Thanks Claire! 🙂 Would definitely recommend!

Catherine – via Facebook

I found Claire and KCR by accident – and what an accident! After one session my problem is improved – will probably need some more time with her but being able to walk better out of one consultant has left me positive I can have a pain free future! Like me you’ve tried various therapies with out success, definitely think about this as an alternative option.

Glenys – Via Facebook

Been attending a chiropractor for years for lower back pain due to shifted pelvis after fall. Did help for a while but was getting a couple of days relief towards the end. Only had three sessions with Claire and even after the first I felt what it was like to be pain free. Each session is now getting longer in between and would recommend to to anyone to try it

Tracy – Via Facebook

Just over a week ago I arrived for my first KCR session with Claire, who commented on how I looked like I was in pain when I was walking. I have neuralgia, chronic nerve pain, and have been suffering with this for 10 years now. After only a few days, I noticed a massive difference and was able to take my little boy swimming just 2 days later, without sitting on the sidelines!!! I know that when my pain gets worse I will be able to do something other than taking medication and pain killers. I will definitely be back and would recommend Claire and KCR to anyone. Thank you claire xx

Jennifer – Via Facebook

Excellent service and easy to talk to and answered any questions I had regards the treatment. I will be the first to admit that I was a bit sceptical at first but thought I would give it a go as massage hadn’t really helped with a sore lower back and sciatica. It’s been just under 2 weeks since Claire came to see me and the difference in my back and legs is brilliant. I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending her.

Calum – Via Facebook

Post pregnancy

I’ve had an uncomfortable hip & sciatica since my daughter (now 17) Claire asked me a few questions then worked her magic, I’ve not had any pain in 3 weeks.

Tanya – Via Facebook

So, in the last few days I have been walking taller, not sore getting out of bed or bending down or sitting on the floor but more importantly I have been back on my trampoline, climbing hills, going down the chute, pushing the swing (and going on myself!), on the zip wire and generally running about being chased by my toddler. These are all things I would have tried to make excuses for doing recently and never really realised the extent of my sore back in my life doing simple things. I even pushed the trolley round the supermarket without any discomfort. It’s just a shame I might have to start hoovering again! So I think it’s safe to say KCR has made a remarkable difference to my life and I just had a baby a few weeks ago!

Julia – Facebook

Just had my 1st treatment, have been in agony for months with my pelvis, injured in pregnancy and for once I actually feel pain free and ‘normal’ again. Highly recommenr this treatment abnd cannot believe the difference after one treatment. Claire Thank you!


Wow Claire! Had my first session  today, have been a bit stiff and sore after pregnancy, finding it painful when getting off the sofa and up off the floor. Was sceptical beforehand but enjoyed the session and felt my posture dramatically improved right away. Had a wow moment tonight when I braced myself to get up after sitting awkwardly playing with my newborn and I found I moved effortlessly with no stiffness or pain! Massive five stars and highly recommend to everyone!

Louise – Via Facebook

Claire I cannot thank you enough for taiody! 3 days after having a baby and I feel great again!

Stacey – Via Facebook


After over a year of back pain (sciatica), struggling through football matches and general discomfort in day to day life I am now PAIN FREE! No more worrying/waiting for back pain or the disappointment of not being able to play football because of it. All down to ONE session of KCR Therapy with Claire. Couldn’t recommend her more. Thank you.

Kevin – via Facebook

Outstanding. I had never experienced this before I undertook our Boys’ Brigade World Record attempt a week or so ago. However, it was undoubtedly one of the key factors in our success. Not only did we all manage to play footmball for 55 hours, we also managed to do it with the whole team still walking the next day. KCR was central to that. It cured knocks and injuries and helped us keep going. It was delivered with a fantastic attitude and enthusiasm, UI can highly recommend Claire and her team. They have been outstanding.

Cameron  –  Via Facebook


Amazing, worked wonders for me, hurt my knees two weeks before in training and couldn’t run at all, (I have arthritis which plays up periodically) after two weeks of having given up, I called Claire. One session a few days before just when I had lost all hope I went on to run my first half marathon in 2hours 15 minutes! I was amazed I managed it! KCR is the way forward!

Pauline –  Via Facebook

Thank you Claire for fitting me in for a pre marathon KCR. I really felt that it helped me on the day of the marathon as I had more energythan usual and I was also able to run better following the treatment. I had no idea it would help so quickly with my fitness.

Elaine – Via Facebook

Claire is fantastic. Training for my first marathon, with niggling back and knee. Claire sorted me right out and maintained me injury free right out until the big day and I completed my first marathon. Would Highly recommend.

Claire – Facebook

After a back injury which had left niggles and discomfort while training for my first full marathon, KCR with Claire was suggested.I had my first session on monday. I completed an 18 mile run quicker than my previous and without my back support that ive not been able tio tun without for the last 6 weeks. Thanks Claire, a definite improvement. I will be back soon.

Jayne – Via Facebook

  • Long-term foot pain: “Claire was very professional and explained everything as we went along. After the treatment it was the best I had felt in a long time.” Read in full.
  • Post-natal stiffness and pain: “Wow Claire! Massive five stars and highly recommend to everyone!” Read in full.
  • Back, hip and leg pain: “Had another KCR treatment from Claire yesterday and I can’t believe how great I feel!” Read in full.
  • Back pain: “I think it’s safe to say KCR has made a remarkable difference to my life, and I just had a baby a few weeks ago!” Read in full.
  • Lower back pain and sciatica: “It’s been just under 2 weeks since Claire came to see me and the difference in my back and legs is brilliant.” Read in full.
  • Long-term aches and pains: “Treatment has been first class, and I have enjoyed two pain-free, restful sleeps since my session.” Read in full.
  • Sports fatigue and injury: “Not only did we all manage to play football for 55 hours, but we also managed to do it with the whole team still walking the day afterwards.” Read in full.
  • Sciatica: “Day 4 after my treatment and my back feels amazing.” Read in full.
  • Back injury at 22 weeks of pregnancy: “I am in utter disbelief to the difference 24 hours can make.” Read in full.

The testimonials listed here have been posted on Facebook by Claire’s clients.


For Lesley McAulay. Sports/Remedial and Pregnancy Massage Therapist

What our clients say:

  • Pregnancy Massage: “Have just finished a fantastic pregnancy massage by Lesley and feel super relaxed!” Read in full.
  • Swedish Massage: “Had a lovely relaxing Swedish Massage by Lesley yesterday in the beautiful surroundings of One Allan Park.” Read in full.

For Joanne Brown. Homeopath

What our clients say:

  • Child Autism: “The results of the treatment were quite evident very soon after; a year on my son’s speech and behaviour have improved so much, he is calm and happy and has his own friends at nursery.” Read in full.
  • Stress:”Joanne gave me great support to help me through an extremely stressful period, with a number of health and other issues.” Read in full.
  • Allergies and Eczema:”I have a lot of faith in Joanne in being able to help [my son’s] symptoms and hopefully reduce if not remove the allergies and eczema forever!” Read in full.
  • Anxiety:”Having undergone some fairly intrusive dental implant surgery, I believe that homeopathy was instrumental in easing the anxiety prior to and during treatment.” Read in full.
  • Wellbeing: “[Joanne] is very thorough and professional in her approach and really cares about getting good results for her patients.” Read in full.
  • Hayfever: “I’m a complete convert to homeopathy and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her services. Read in full.

For One Allan Park Wellbeing Clinic

We were officially opened on 30th November 2013 by Judy Murray ; here is what she said about the clinic and our therapists: 

“One Allan Park offers so many options to help people better understand the importance of wellbeing. Not just the body but the mind too.” Read in full.

And from Gareth Davies: 

“It’s a fantastic place. I’m sure that you’ll all continue to thrive!” Read in full.